Weighting of data

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Weighting is a procedure which can give some cases more or less influence (weight) on the result than other cases have in the same data set. We use weights in case of over- or under-represented units in our sample. For instance, if we know, that there is 51% female in the population, and we have only 49% of female in our sample, we can give female respondents in our sample more influence by computing a weight (which is larger than 1 in our case, actually is 51/49 = 1.040816327). We can compute weights by compute command.

To weight cases, go to Data – Weight Cases, select weight variable and click OK. In the status bar of data editor is displayed information if cases are weighted and by which variable.

Weighting cases in PSPP.

Weighting cases in PSPP.

Similarly weights can be turned off.

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